PayHub is a pioneering payment service provider offering secured technologies and innovative solutions for a variety of industries and sectors.



Our vast network of acquiring channels allows us to support various sectors across the eCommerce space, including but not limited to Travel, Retail, Hospitality, Marketplace, StartUp club for eCommerce and Technical services. Products like our API can be found on the largest platforms such as Woocommerce, Magento and others, catering to any and all online vendors.


E-Sports and Gaming

Being a part of the rapidly growing and borderless gaming community requires more than just a payment provider. This makes Payhub and our range of gateway solution the perfect fit. We support SDK for mobile, app or game developers to implement in-app and mobile native payments, allowing the user to make in-game purchases. This results in a more meaningful and immersive experience.



Payhub presents an innovative system with the ability to enable payment processing around the globe in local currencies, all under one unique gateway hub. Consider us your payment passport to access the world. Travel and tourism are one of the largest and most challenging industries. Payhub has the right skills and know-how to support businesses such as hotels, railways, transportation organizations, restaurants, and tour guides. Payhub gives travelers the ability to make both micro and large payments on-the-go, making us the only travel cashier you will need



Payhub’s unique range of turnkey solutions can effortlessly be catered to accommodate all payment requirements for sports clubs and teams worldwide. This includes things like day-to-day operational payments, home and away ticket issuing for fans, and merchandise purchasing. Payhub’s services also include uniquely branded e-Wallets for teams as well as prepaid cards for fans to shop online. We can also simply facilitate payments for players from youth squads and reserve teams, general employees and staff salaries, reimbursements and the sending of funds abroad.

SDKs and Wrappers


These extensions connect your online shop to Paybub’s cloud-based PCI DSS 3.0 Level-1 certified international payment gateway. Your customers get the convenience and speed of our intuitive payment process, fully mobile-optimized payment pages, and a wide range of payment options. The wrappers are free for all merchants to use and integrate into their online stores.


Other Supported Industries

Online Services

Various online services and business such as Education Services, Government, Affiliate Marketing, Auditing, Bookkeeping Services, Real Estate, Internet Hosting & Domain Registry, Money Transfers etc

Financial Services

Financial Services such as Forex, Property Bond Investments, Spread Betting, Payday loans, Commodities Trading, Gold and Bullion, Accounting, Asset Management, Tax Payments etc


Retail ventures such as Restaurant, Supermarket, Kiosk, Take away, Vapes & e-liquids, Department store, Drinks, Deli shop, Delivery, Discount Stores, For Pets, Flowers shop, Edibles, Gummy bears, Cookies, Cakes, Drinks etc

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